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Vegetable Order

Vegetable Order
Vegetable Order Vegetable Order Vegetable Order
Product Code: 00017
Availability: In Stock
From AU$11.00 pw 50 weeks
Price: AU$550.00

2    x    Peas 2kg
2    x    Mixed Vegetables 2kg
2    x    Green Beans 2kg
2    x    Butter Beans 2kg
2    x    Carrot Rings 2kg
2    x    Baby Carrots 2kg
2    x    Corn Kernels 2kg
2    x    Corn Cobbttes 2kg
2    x    Sprouts 2kg
1    x    Broccoli 1.5kg
2    x    Onions 2kg
1    x    Cauliflower 2kg
2    x    Pea/Corn/Capsicum 2kg
3    x    Potato Chips 2kg
3    x    Potato Gems 2kg
4    x    Crinkle Cut Chips 750g
2    x    Hash Browns 2kg
2    x    Potato Wedges 2kg
3    x    Chow Mein Vegetables 500g
3    x   Thai Style Vegetables 500g


o      Convenient online shopping

o      Vacuum packed frozen food

o      Portion controlled

o      Delivered straight to your door by our friendly driver



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